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1945 TV fight scene using reality based real martial arts

Insisting he would perform his own stunts for the audience James would train Judo at the Seinan Dojo in Los Angeles under the late Kenneth Kaname Kuniyuki, 9th Dan Judo Shihan.

Stephen Thompson could be the next welterweight title contender and is single handily proving that a karate-based fighter can find success at the highest level of MMA.

26 years have passed since James 'Buster' Douglas' knocked out the terrifying and seemingly invincible 'Iron' Mike Tyson. If you were around then, you can still feel it. It was not just a great fight, it is widely considered to...

A parking dispute that escalated into a physical confrontation ended badly for a thug who made the mistake of attacking a former U.S Marine with a baseball bat.
Former Marine disables armed robber in gas station

Waiting to be served coffee at a gas station in Midlothian, Texas at 6.15am, the last thing 30 year-old firefighter, Daniel Gaskey expected was to suddenly find himself in a the middle of an armed robbery.

From the moment the fight starts the female fighter intelligently uses her footwork, head movement and a nice jab to keep a safe range while managing to circle away from the male fighter's power hand.
Russian thugs

This crazy brawl occurred in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk in Russia and began when a group of four thugs surrounded a single security guard in a local supermarket.
drop kicked

It's safe to say you've hit rock bottom in life when you find yourself engaged in a tug-of-war with a lady in a wheelchair as you try to steal her belongings in the middle of a street in broad daylight.
Badr Hari

Tricky to pull off, eye candy for martial arts fans, rare gem, and devastating for its recipient.
School bathroom fight

Here we get to see kids with actual technique and skill and instead of some prehistoric sloppy flailing of hands.