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Smaller kid tries to end confrontation quickly

The smaller guy does what most people do when confronted with a situation as such and backs away by keeping his mouth shut. Until he's had enough...

David vs Goliath: Muay Thai Edition – ends in brutal KO

Right out of the gate we witness the smaller combatant come out full of energy and willing to get right into the action. The question here is how can experience overcome a very distinct size and strength disadvantage?
When you win a fight and lose it at the same time

When you win a fight and lose it at the same time

A wise man once said there are no real winners in a street fight, only losers, and that’s literally the case in this instance.
Legendary kickboxer pulls off insane KO

Legendary kickboxer pulls off insane KO

That knockout has to be one the finest ones that ever happened in kickboxing history, and it was insanely well-executed.
MMA legend Fedor takes on Bob Sapp in arm wrestling match

MMA legend Fedor takes on Bob Sapp in arm wrestling match

Mixed martial arts legend Fedor Emelianenko once took on Bob Sapp. Yes, you heard that right. It was not under MMA rules, though... As strong as Fedor is, he still struggled against this behemoth of a man...

Report: McGregor in negotiation to box Floyd Mayweather Jr

“It was agreed in principle on May 2, but Floyd wouldn’t reveal the identity of his opponent until last night when he told friends he’ll be fighting Conor.”

Rousey allegedly goes off on ‘F@$%ing B!^$#’ PVZ

Miesha Tate: "I guess she came up, Ronda Rousey came up and was like 'F@$% you, you fairweathered b!^$#. How dare you cross me.'

Police boxer vs. high school wrestler

In this 'Street Beef' a high school wrestling tests his skills against a police officer with boxing experience.

Three common street fight mistakes

Should you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to fight, these simple tips should be followed to increase your chances of getting out of the situation unhurt.

Skinny, cocky bully learns brutal and dangerous lesson

The video starts with two men on a railing, one shirtless and talking trash, the other in a black hat and tank-top.