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On July 10 last year several men attacked a Houston Fuel Depot convenience store employee as he was on a bank round. Luckily a co-worker, Mayura "Top Gun" Dissanyake, is a mixed martial arts champ from Sri Lanka, with...
Ninja vs three attackersvideo

Despite the murky history of the ninja, many agree that the ninja possessed great skill in stealth, combat and agility. I'm not sure they also meant this guy.
Martial artsvideo

A local thug is seen hurling abuse at a man on his doorstep and trying to goad him into a fight - unaware his 'victim' knows Martial arts. The 'victim' here is Jason Smith, who is a Gulf War Veteran...
Russian boxer turns down thugsvideo

It is always satisfying to see a bully get what he deserves. In this case, three bullies who picked the wrong man's wife to harass.
Martial artist stops the takedownvideo

Martial artist Nick Drossos put up $20 to any of these 4 guys who could take him down successfully. None of them were able to take him down. Nick has trained in Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Reality Based Self Defense, Mixed...
Ref attacks competitorvideo

At the KWON Championships, this off-duty martial arts referee decides to take it upon himself to dish out punishment on a competitors for striking after the active ref had called time. The rest of the Internet says that this was the other...

Alexander (Alex Lee) Litvinenko is a Ukraine-born martial artist and action film actor, director, and stuntman. He holds black belts in multiple martial arts, and has competed in a variety of combat sports including kickboxing and Taekwondo. In 2009 he...
Russian martial artsvideo

Is it a hidden Russian martial art finally revealed to the public? Secret techniques passed down from generation to generation?

In the video, a friendly game of basketball turns ugly when players from opposite teams begin to argue about something that happened on the court.
Car Jacking Gun Disarmsvideo

It is important to remember these techniques are not meant to be used if there is a passenger in the car. Following the same concept for gun defense redirect, control, disarm, and engage.