Is Zambidis vs. Chahid the greatest kickboxing match of all-time?

This kickboxing fight between the legendary Mike Zambis of Greece and Morocco’s Chahid  Oulad El Hadj is considered by some to be the greatest kick boxing fight ever.

It starts off with an intense staredown between the two and the action doesn’t stop once the bell rings. Both fighters coming out swinging hard with punches and kicks.

Zambidis lands the first significant blow of the fight dropping his opponent to the mat seven seconds into the second round. He again drops his opponent to the mat later in the round this time with a looping over hand right. Chahid is tough as nails though and gets up and continues to come at Zambidis as a fiery pace. Momemts later he puts Zambidis on the mat late in the second.

Both fighters score knockdowns in the third round, with neither showing a clear advantage.

The fight goes an extra round with both fighters continue to fight with ferocity and Zambadis scores another huge knockdown with less than thirty seconds left which seemed to have left his opponent unconscious at least for a second. He is able to get up, but eats a few more punches before the referee steps in to end the fight.


Mike Zambidis started training in martial arts before he was nine years old with his brother Spiros Zambidis and his best friend Lazaros Filipas. He has trained in Shotokan, Kickboxing, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Pankration.[2] He started competing professionally in 2000, scoring a string of victories over notable opponents. So far, the majority of his wins have been knock-outs. He has been technically knocked out twice himself early in his career due to cuts, but after 2002, his next technical knock-out defeat came in 2008 against Andy Souwer in an extra round.

From 2000 till 2002, Zambidis defeated notable kickboxer Jenk Behic twice, Gürkan Özkan twice, Baris Nezif, Wanlop Sosathopan, Bakari Tounkara, Matteo Sciacca and Petr Polak. In 2002, he knocked out the strong and experienced[3][4] Dutch-Moroccan Hassan Kassrioui. On November 26, 2002 he won the K-1 Oceania MAX 2002 title after defeating John Wayne Parr in the final.


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