Guy challenges random people to punch him in the face

Trav, from the YouTube channel ‘FightSmartTrav‘ put together a fun challenge for himself to show viewers just how effective good head movement can be.

You can learn how to win a street fight simply by learning how to move your head! If you make your opponent miss, you stay safe and he gets tired… then it becomes easy to win a street fight.

Trav says: “So I decided to get out of my house the other day and challenge random people on the street to try to punch me in the face, or at least to try. I was certainly going to do my best to make every punch miss.

Guy challenges random people on the street to punch him in the face for real!
Guy challenges random people on the street to punch him in the face – all in good fun and great head movement!

Now, I didn’t do this because I like being punched in the face. That would be weird. I did this to prove that these simple head movement techniques that I teach can make random people miss every single punch that they might throw in a street fight.

Now I’d like to point out that there’s no clever editing in this video.

So, what’s the secret to great head movement?

It has to do with understanding what good head movement is and how to do it. You’ll need to learn the different styles of head movement and how to train the skill. While you’re learning and practicing, you’re still going to get hit a lot.

For the serious fighters, you don’t really have a choice. Head movement is a standard boxing skill you need to be competitive. Your head can only take so many shots from trained opponents. But there’s no greater feeling than being able to completely avoid a punch (besides a KO).

The idea of head movement is basically to move the target. Instead of trying to defend the target (your head) all the time, you just move it. This way, your hands are free to attack. The art of head movement is so misunderstood that to the untrained eye, people think boxing is brutal and raw and mindless because the fighters on TV don’t seem to be defending themselves.

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