Vladimir Putin teaches child Judo technique to throw giant

Vladimir Putin teaches child Judo technique to throw giant!

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin shows a hold to a young judo wrestler at the Regional Judo Center at the Arena Sports Complex in the Siberian city of Kemerovo on January 24, 2012, during his visit to the region.

Vladimir Putin teaches a child Judo technique
Vladimir Putin teaches a child Judo technique

The martial art of judo rests on the idea that a smaller, weaker person can use its opponent’s size and strength to its own advantage and Russian President Vladimir Putin, by his own account, took up martial arts as a slight boy to protect himself from bigger courtyard bullies.

Putin at the moment indeed plays a sort of geopolitical judo by evading the attacks of the West and waiting till his adversaries have pushed forward far enough that he can pull them off balance.

This is not a new tactic, it has been used throughout history, most notably in WW II, when a German army of three million soldiers got exhausted in the far lands of Russia to finally be destroyed in the epic battle of Stalingrad. [source: mato48.com]

One of Putin’s favorite sports is the martial art of judo. Putin began training in sambo (a martial art that originated in the Soviet Union) at the age of 14, before switching to judo, which he continues to practice today.

Putin won competitions in his hometown of Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), including the senior championships of Leningrad in both sambo and judo. He is the President of the Yawara Dojo, the same Saint Petersburg dojo he practiced at when young.

Putin co-authored a book on his favorite sport, published in Russian as Judo with Vladimir Putin and in English under the title Judo: History, Theory, Practice (2004).

Though he is not the first world leader to practice judo, Putin is the first leader to move forward into the advanced levels. Currently, Putin holds a 6th dan (red/white belt) and is best known for his Harai Goshi (sweeping hip throw).

Putin earned Master of Sports (Soviet and Russian sport title) in judo in 1975 and in sambo in 1973.

At a state visit to Japan, Putin was invited to the Kodokan Institute, the judo headquarters, where he showed different judo techniques to the students and Japanese officials.


Putin also holds an 8th dan black belt in Kyokushin kaikan karate gotten in November 2014. He was presented the black belt in December 2009 by Japanese champion Kyokushin Karate-Do master Hatsuo Royama.

Putin often is seen on outdoor activities with Dmitry Medvedev, promoting sports and healthy way of life among Russians: they were seen alpine skiing in Krasnaya Polyana, playing badminton, cycling and fishing. [source: wiki]